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Personalised and branded pens make excellent promotional merchandise items. At some stage daily, everyone needs a pen of some description, making pens an advertising favourite


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Cheap Promotional Pens

Cheap Promotional pens Australia

Cost effective and useful marketing for your event or business -See the range with Instant prices here!




European Style Promotional Pens

European Style Promotional Pens - Designed and made in Germany

European Style and Quality Promitional Pens - Designed and Made in Germany - View the Range with Prices




Flag Banner Pens

Custom printed Banner Flag pens for Advertising giveaways

Promotional Banner Flag Pens with Custom printed Scrolls

Ballpoint pen with pull out laminated banner. Banner printed 4 colour process 1 or 2 sides. Push button action with rubber grip Get Instant Prices Now!




Eco Friendly Pens and Pencils

Recycled Paper and Recyclable Plastic pens and pencils

Good for the environment - Recycled and recyclable - Instant prices Online




BIC Promotional Pens


BIC promotional printed pens Australia

View the BIC Range with Instant prices online - Click Here!




Parker Pens

Parker Pens

View the Parker Range with Instant prices online - Click Here!


RollerBall Pens

Executive Roller Ball Pens Printed and Engraved Australia

Smooth and stunning - View the Quality range here!

Fountain Pens

Corporate Executive metal ballpoint pens

Executive Style and Quality

Highlighter Pens

Bright HighLighter pens Australia

When it has to stand out!

Promotional Pens are not just Normal Pens


There is a misconception among people that promotional pens are just normal pens that you write with. On the contrary, the realm of customised promotional pens extends beyond simple blue, red, and black ink.


By using the latest tools and techniques, you can have promotional pens, which are a little different than your average pen. With printed promotional pens you can write and highlight your business or latest product range. Pens are used by everyone on a day to day basis in office the world over. This makes promotional pens a valuable advertising and marketing tool. You can have many promotional pens and sometimes it's a unique idea to have something different, such as a promotional highlighter pen to go with your other promotional items. Customised promotional pens are definitely different than your average promotional pens.


Majority of offices and people still utilise pens. Above all, promotional pens tend to last longer than other promotional items because they are used on a daily basis in comparison to other items. If not used they are further handed over to another user. This brings your promotional pens in the hands of clients and potential clients longer than a standard pen. Despite working extensively on the computers, many businesses still rely on pens and it is useful to have pens in the office. When you decide to personalise the pens with a difference, you can actually play with words and place them as catchwords along with your company logo.


Many businesses tend to make promotional pens 100 per cent serious in its outlook. This is not always a good practice. In fact, you can add a little humour to the advertising with your promotional pens. But obviously, make sure that your business name or contact information is clear on the promotional pens. Still, there is no harm in having a little fun with it with colours, shapes and styles of the pens. If you are planning to organise a trade show, consider handing out personalised promotional pens as they are the perfect low cost gifts for large quantities.


Your promotional pens will certainly stand out in a crowd of other promotional items handed out at a trade show or fair. By gifting promotional pens you can set yourself above the rest by including a different type of pen, which can be a highlighter, or a novelty pen that sets your promotional pens apart from the rest.


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Cheap Corporate Metal Pens

Cheap Metal Corporate pens Australia

Best Value Metal Pens branded with your logo - Cheaper than you think - See them here




Promotional Printed Pens

Printed promotional pens Australia

Ever useful, always needed - Pens are a great way to expose your brand - See the Range and Prices




Rotating Message Pens

Custom Rotating Message pens for Advertising giveaways

Promotional Rotating Message Pens for keeping extra information handy.

Six rotating messages, with up to 40 characters per line- View Instant Prices Here




Full Colour Digital Printed Pens

Digital Full Colour Photo pens Australia

Versatile pens with limitless printability - Explore here!




Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer Corporate pens Australia

Quality and Style - Perfect as Corporate Gifts - Get a Quick Quote Online




Metal Ballpoint Pens

Corporate Executive metal ballpoint pens

Mechanical Pencils

Quality Mechanical Pencils Australia

For the Executive

Marker Pens

White Board and Permanent Marker pens Australia

Great for Meetings and presentations - Grab Online Prices Now!

Promotional Pencils

Printed promotional pencils and crayons Australia

Useful Info

Promotional pens are so useful for businesses. Most people do not use or keep business cards these days, think about how many business cards you receive at the average trade show or industry event.
The average attendee will get a whole stack of business cards that he or she will probably never look at again and just toss into the nearest rubbish bin. When you hand out a promotional pen printed with your logo and contact information, you stand a much better chance of getting noticed and remembered.


To have more information on your promo pen, have them printed on both sides.